How to Choose Trolleys in South Africa for Heavy-Duty Industrial Use

Trolleys in South Africa are essential equipment for heavy-duty industrial use. They are designed to move goods from one place to another, saving time and labour in the process. Choosing the right trolley for your industrial needs is crucial to ensure efficiency, productivity, and safety. In this article, we will discuss how to choose trolleys for the tough job.

1. Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity of a trolley is the maximum weight it can carry safely. It is important to choose a trolley that can handle the weight of your goods without compromising their stability. If you overload a trolley, it can lead to accidents and injuries. Therefore, it is essential to know the weight of your goods before selecting a trolley.

2. Trolley Type:

There are different types of industrial trolleys available for heavy-duty use, such as platform trolleys, hand trolleys, and foldable trolleys. Each type of trolley has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, platform trolleys are suitable for carrying large and heavy items, while hand trolleys are perfect for small items that require mobility.

3. Wheel Type:

The type of wheel on a trolley is crucial for its performance. The most common types of wheels used on trolleys are rubber and polyurethane. Rubber wheels are suitable for indoor use as they are soft and quiet. Polyurethane wheels, on the other hand, are ideal for outdoor use as they are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Trolleys in South Africa

4. Material:

Trolleys can be made of steel, aluminium, or plastic. Steel trolleys are sturdy and durable, while aluminium trolleys are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plastic trolleys, on the other hand, are inexpensive and ideal for light-duty applications.

5. Ergonomics:

The ergonomic design of a trolley is important for the comfort and safety of the user. A trolley with adjustable handles and a comfortable grip can reduce the risk of injuries and strain on the user’s back and arms.

6. Maneuverability:

Trolleys should be easy to maneuver in tight spaces and corners. Trolleys with swivel wheels can make it easy to navigate in small spaces, while trolleys with fixed wheels are better suited for straight paths.


So it is proved that choosing the right trolleys in South Africa for heavy-duty industrial use plays an important role in improving safety, efficiency, and increasing productivity. So you must consider the following factors before making a purchase.